Nanofabrication service

Metal deposition

Electron beam evaporation

Our evaporator tool enables users to achieve uniform definition; a single wafer (size: 100 mm - 150 mm in diameter) is held in position above the evaporation sources and is programmed to rotate, within a recipe.

Part wafers or those of other shapes and sizes can be attached to a dummy blank by means of Kapton tape. Our evaporator tool has the planetary stage fitted on the machine and is capable of running up to four different recipes within a single pump down and vent cycle.

The deposition rate is directly related to the evaporation rate which is controlled by adjustment of the cathode filament supply. Our electron beam evaporator is intended for special deposition of metals and dielectrics. It includes reactive evaporation and Ion beam assisted evaporation.

Our system is capable of loading up to four wafers, running one at a time.


Our sputterer systems are designed and intended for the surface coating of dielectric, metallic and plastic substrates (flat or slightly curved) by means of reactive sputtering (cathode sputtering) under vacuum conditions.

We offer two different sputtering tools: Helios and AJA Orion. The specific application area of the Helios system is the production of coated substrates for precision optics and optoelectronics.

The optical layers produced with this sputtering tool are of the highest quality, with very low absorption and dispersion. In addition to optical layers, others dielectric (oxides, nitrides) and metallic layers can be manufactured, depending on the selection of the coating sources. This system is equipped with two MF plasma sources (reactive sputtering) and one DC source (metal sputtering). The MF sputtering source consists of two separate sputtering electrodes that serve as sputtering cathodes alternately. It is capable of loading 11 wafers, running one at a time.

The AJA Orion sputtering system is a versatile, reliable tool that can store five different material targets at the same time for Rf and DC sputtering deposition. Per run, the tool performs processes on a single wafer and is faster than using the Helios. The films deposited using this tool find a wide range of applications, spanning from next-generation non-volatile memories to biosensors and optoelectronic devices.