Nanofabrication service

Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

We offer highly sophisticated lithography, nanomachining, in-situ metal or insulator deposition and metrology analyses through our Focused Ion Beam (FIB) services. Our two gallium FIB systems are based on the dual ion and electron beam column concept, which allows them to perform ion-based nanofabrication whilst imaging using the scanning electron microscope.

Examples of work using the FIB:
  • Milling and imaging of local cross-sections to investigate the uniformity and side wall profiles of 2D optical gratings
  • Milling of isolation trenches in metal contacts on a germanium substrate
  • Electron and ion beam induced deposition to make conductive contacts to electrically probe a gold nanowire
  • Milling, lift-out and polishing of a thin lamella from a silicon substrate, for subsequent imaging in a transmission electron microscope
  • Imaging thin specimens using the transmitted electron signal microscopy mode (STEM)