Nanofabrication service

Bonding and backend processing


We offer a thermal bonding service which is capable of producing contact forces up to 10,000 N and temperatures in excess of 500°C

Our service is executed with an excellent degree of uniformity and stability across wafer sizes up to 150 mm. For research and development purposes, the machines are also capable of operating on pieces down to 15 mm in size.

Backend processing

Die singulation

We are capable of dicing and scribing a range of different materials.

The scriber meets the requirements for scribing of silicon, glass, and brittle materials in two directions with an automatic alignment function. There are two blades available for scribing different substrate with two different angles: 155°, which is used for silicon substrates and 120°, used for glass substrates. The maximum wafer sizes for this tool is up to 300 mm.

Our complete set of micro-dicing tools for the precision dicing and scribing is capable of processing a wide range of materials including silicon, glass, germanium, PZT and sapphire up to 150 mm in diameter. It is capable of dicing samples down to 3x3 mm.

Wire bonding

The wire bonding can be done by an ultrasonic wedge bonder for thin aluminium and gold wires. The substrate carrier is mounted on the substrate work holder and is freely accessible from all sides.

Flip chip bonding

This system handles a wide range of applications, including laser bar and diode bonding with Indium or Au/Sn, VCSEL/photo diode bonding (glueing, curing) and the multi-stage assembly of optoelectronic mechanical systems (i.e. MEMS/MOEMS) for communications and medical technology products.

The minimum field of view is 0.55 mm x 0.45 mm and the maximum field of view is 6.7 mm x 5.4 mm. The minimum component size that we can use on this bonder is 0.1 mm x 0.11 mm and the maximum component size is 15 mm x 15 mm.