Case studies

Microstructured fibres for laser and biomedical applications

Optical fibres have a vast and ever-increasing range of practical applications from underpinning the internet infrastructure, to the development of high-precision medical instrumentation. The technology enhances the lives of most of society and is critical to many manufacturing and leisure industries.

There is a continuing challenge to ensure optical fibres are robus and powerful enough to run these ever-changing applications.

The invention of MOFs has led to a significant change in a range of applications of fibre-optic technology. They have also created new business sectors within the global optoelectronics industry that has adopted this new form of fibre, not only to improve or extend the performance of existing product lines, but also to exploit its unique properties and develop revolutionary new products and services.

Our research into microstructured optical fibres (MOFs), invented at Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Centre, has had a significant impact on the economy, creating hundreds of jobs worldwide and a multimillion dollar global market. The pioneering work has also led to the development of a range of new diagnostic and medical technologies and the creation of a spin-out company, Fianium.

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