Speciality optical fibre

Multi-element optical fibre

5 element Er/Yb doped optical fibre


  • Multi-element optical fibre containing five separate optical fibres combined in a polymer
  • Compatible with pump sharing via cladding pumping with common pump to amplify four separate spatial channels
  • Unique simultaneous draw technology
  • Ultra-low crosstalk
  • Easy to handle and fan out into separate fibres
  • Compatible with standard splicing to existing fibre technology
  • No special MUX/DEMUX required
  • Compatible with cascading of single elements to obtain broadband gain over C and L and with a single pump


  • Space division multiplexed (SDM) and broadband amplification

Performance characteristics:

  • Operating wavelength: 1550 nm
  • Overall coating diameter: 300 µm +/- 5
  • Coating type: low-index polymer
  • Number of individual elements: 5 (4 doped + 1 passive)
  • Individual glass fibre element diameter: 80 µm
  • Core diameter of each element: 8 µm
  • Numercial aperture of each element: 0.17-0.2 (for signal fibres) and 0.46 for pump
  • Dopant: Erbium/Ytterbium
  • Typical gain: >35dB in C Band







NB: Optical fibres are supplied for development and research purposes only and may be withdrawn from sale without notice.