Integrated Photonics

The Integrated Photonics Cleanroom is a 200m2 Facility designed for planar processing of a very wide range of materials not normally found in silicon processing facilities, from PTFE to germanium telluride, KY1-x-yGdxLuy(WO4)2 to Pyrex, and from ytterbium metal to lutetium biphthalocyanine. The prime purpose of this facility is to be able to take raw materials, ORC-made materials, or commercial materials and process them to realise photonic devices for use in applications from telecommunications to all-optical data processing and from biochemical sensing to the lab-on-a-chip. Thin film deposition, photolithography, etching and diffusion processes can all be applied to full wafers or unconventionally small or irregular samples.

Integrated Photonics Image