Focused Ion Beam

The focused ion beam (FIB) facility specialises in rapid nanostructuring of metallic, semiconducting and dielectric materials and devices, from free-standing nano-membranes to multilayer structures and optical fibres, for nanophotonics/electronics, metamaterials and plasmonics research. Our two gallium FIB systems provide milling resolution down to 30 nm, and additional capabilities including high-resolution electron microscopy and electron beam lithography, beam-induced deposition of platinum, tungsten, carbon and silicon dioxide, and chemically accelerated milling of insulators, all on substrates up to 150 mm in diameter. Furthermore, our helium ion microscope provides FIB milling at even smaller scales, enabling precise material modification in the sub-10nm range. The FIB is an essential and highly flexible prototyping and diagnostic tool for photonic and electronic nanostructures, enabling numerous ground-breaking studies.

Focused Ion Beam (FIB)